New study sheds light on priorities and challenges shaping product marketing and GTM strategies

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Marketing, Public Relations

New research from on-demand product marketing agency Aventi Group reveals the top priorities and most pressing obstacles facing go-to-market (GTM) initiatives this year within global B2B technology enterprises. The data correlates with top business challenges identified in 2021, from limited staffing resources to higher pressure to launch in-demand products.

To support teams facing these challenges, the firm’s new report, A Partnership is Born: Product Marketing and Sales Find Happiness, in partnership with Gatepoint Research, highlights key findings from the survey while also sharing tips to help drive GTM success.

New study sheds light on priorities and challenges shaping product marketing and GTM strategies

Among the survey highlights:

  • The top three product marketing priorities among surveyed executives were sales enablement (61 percent), GTM strategy development (56%), and new product launches (53 percent.
  • Not enough people/staff and too many priorities/projects tied for the top challenge (67 percent).
  • More than half of those surveyed say it can take up to three months to fill an open senior marketing role, while 46 percent say that hiring delays can be four to six months or more.
  • Perceived top benefits of utilizing external product-marketing talent were faster time to market (49 percent) and ability to meet or exceed KPIs (31 percent).
  • Nearly 90 percent of those surveyed indicated that their use of external partners to help drive product marketing initiatives will stay consistent or increase over the next year.

New study sheds light on priorities and challenges shaping product marketing and GTM strategies

The data represents the stark realities facing the GTM initiatives that companies rely on in an increasingly uncertain and competitive business world

The study takes a humorous yet insightful look at the priorities, challenges, and best practices for effective GTM strategies that can “ease tensions around the water cooler” between sales and marketing, according to Aventi Group co-founder and COO Sridhar Ramanathan.

“Bringing a product to market is a complex choreography of strategy and tactics, timetables, budgets, and resources. Our new report looks at how organizations are juggling all these elements as well as how they’re filling gaps in their capabilities, including the use of external partners for rapid scalability and greater agility,” said Ramanathan, in a news release. “Because we understand how difficult the job of a product marketer can be, our aim was to create a vivid, fast, and entertaining read that also shares some real truths and insights on ways to conquer some of the biggest GTM challenges.”

In addition to the survey findings, the report is presented as an engaging dialog between sales and product marketing as they discuss the misalignment between what sales needs and what marketing delivers, as well as the tools marketing requires most to help ensure sales success.

New study sheds light on priorities and challenges shaping product marketing and GTM strategies

Download the full report here.

Survey respondents represented senior decision makers, from C-suite to director levels within B2B technology organizations.

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