T-commerce—consumers would buy products directly through their TVs

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Marketing, Public Relations

Americans are highly interested in purchasing products directly from TV commercials and programs using their remotes, according to a new t-commerce study from AI-driven tech firm Connekt. However, many don’t realize the capability already exists—suggesting a need for greater consumer education.

The study found a strong consumer appetite for buying goods through the largest screen in the home, with 76 percent saying they would shop through their TVs in real time if it were an option. The majority (65 percent) would be most likely to purchase products highlighted in TV ads, whereas 35 percent would be most inclined to purchase those featured in TV shows.

T-commerce is surging in the advertising world, driven by a connected TV market that’s projected to reach 260 million installed devices by 2020, and new technologies capable of turning TV ads and programming into transactable opportunities. Prospects for t-commerce sales next year already look favorable—nearly half (42 percent) of those surveyed said they will likely buy products through their TV in 2018.

“TV remains most prolific way for brands to reach consumers, and smarter TVs mean smarter advertising where brands can move consumers from awareness to a transaction without ever leaving their TVs,” said Tripp Boyle, senior vice president for Connekt.

T-commerce—consumers would buy products directly through their TVs

Convenience is king for in-TV buying

The biggest draw of buying products using just a remote? Convenience ranked first, cited by 74 percent of respondents, while the ability to buy right when they see a product they like ranked second with 66 percent. Also high on the list were the appeal of a cool new technology, and the ability to purchase from a comfortable setting.

T-commerce—consumers would buy products directly through their TVs

TV especially prime for CPG and electronics advertisers

When asked which products they’d be most likely to buy from their TVs, 76 percent said household goods such as cleaning supplies and cosmetics. Consumer electronics was a close second with 67 percent, followed by clothing with 47 percent and home & garden with 44 percent.

T-commerce—consumers would buy products directly through their TVs

Room for industry to clear up confusion

While there is undeniable interest in t-commerce, consumers are still figuring out how to engage with TV content and make purchases through their connected devices in real time. In fact, 78 percent of those surveyed said they’re not familiar with technology enabling them to buy products using their TV remote.

T-commerce—consumers would buy products directly through their TVs

The ShopTV consumer panel was comprised of 320 active TV viewers and shoppers, and was conducted across Connekt’s range of digital engagement experiences, including mobile, desktop and connected TVs. The survey was conducted online between Dec. 1 – 15, 2017.

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