The LGBTQIA+ experience in the American workplace: Where we are now—employer challenges, Pride initiatives, and the path to inclusion

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Public Relations

A successful workplace inclusion plan isn’t just about your brand’s voiced commitment, or its list of rules and regulations to follow, or even its consequences for failure to abide by them—these are all great steps forward, but none of those things guarantees the outcome that makes the plan work. There’s only one real measure of success—when each and every group feels included equally and unequivocally, and that starts at the very top.

In a time where all workers are demanding that diversity and inclusion remain at the forefront of corporate values, new research from talent acquisition firm Randstad USA reveals critical insights into the LGBTQIA+ experience within American workplaces. The findings from the firm’s latest Workmonitor survey highlight the unrecognized potential, the urgent need for genuine allyship, and a clear call to action for employers nationwide.

diversity and inclusion

As businesses strive for high-quality, diverse, and agile workforces, understanding the experiences and expectations of LGBTQIA+ employees is essential. “The insights from this survey equip employers to foster more inclusive workplaces where every individual can thrive,” said Marc-Etienne Julien, chief executive at Randstad North America, in a news release. “It’s not just about talent attraction and retention; it’s about respecting and valuing the rich diversity of our workforce.”

diversity and inclusion

Key findings:

Enhanced comfort and allyship

More than half (54 percent) of LGBTQIA+ workers are open about their identity at work; 60 percent perceive robust ally support from colleagues.

Persistent challenges

Despite progress, 51 percent of respondents report discrimination or prejudice due to their identity, leading 41 percent to leave jobs where they felt unwelcome.

diversity and inclusion

Corporate Pride initiatives

Half (50 percent) commend employer engagement in Pride initiatives, but a similar percentage (51 percent) find these efforts insufficiently authentic.

Call for action

A significant 69 percent see an essential role for employers in ensuring workplace inclusivity, suggesting the implementation of inclusive job ads and comprehensive diversity training.

“The journey towards genuine inclusivity is ongoing,” added Floss Aggrey, chief diversity & inclusion officer at Randstad North America, in the release. “It’s heartening to see the positive strides made so far, but this report clearly outlines the roadmap for how much further we have to go.”

diversity and inclusion

Leveraging these insights can provide guidance for employers in developing not only a more diverse workforce but also a more innovative and understanding corporate environment.

See full survey results here.

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