9 podcasts to which PR pros need to subscribe

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Public Relations, Social Media

As a PR pro, do you ever truly stop thinking about your work, even after a long day/month/year? We know the answer is probably “no”.

In today’s fast-paced public relations world, we all have to stay on top of the latest updates and trends – and hands-free audio files are the way to do it, as they’re ideally suited for communications professionals who are constantly on the go. Podcasts have become the new frontier in the realm of digital media and PR, and our suggestions below will be sure to pique your interest and keep you in the know.

Talking Points

Tight on time but hot on PR industry news?

A great monthly podcast to get your fill of public relations, communications, marketing, and social media news. Hosts Arik Hanson and Kevin Hunt provide their insights and a tidy recap of trends and hot topics as well as interviews with industry experts from across the US.  

Perfect for those who don’t necessarily have time to indulge in a weekly podcast habit but are still looking to stay in the loop.

Episodes that may interest you:

Talking Points #91 – How Facebook is battling “fake news”, the increase of popularity in the “story” format on social media, Macy’s creative use of employees as influencers, and advice on creating and managing content.  (14.06.2018) 

Talking Points #94– An interview with Chad Mitchell, former senior director of digital communications at Walmart, and now a VP of Corporate Practice at Perfect Sense. (23.08.2018)

On the Media

Want to know how the “media sausage gets made”? On the Media is a Peabody Award-winning podcast that zeroes in on threats to free speech and government transparency, with a special focus on casting a critical eye on the week’s big news stories and examining their hidden narratives.

On the Media takes the listener out of their comfort zone with brave conversations on the media industry, and is sure to provide you with valuable and unique insights.

Episodes that may interest you:

Doomed to Repeat – After a disaster, do we really learn the right lessons? This episode looks at the narratives that have formed ten years after the 2008 financial crisis and one year after Hurricane Maria. (14.09.2018)

The American War on Drugs – A deep dive into the history of the “war on drugs” and the media’s role in fueling the narrative. (14.04.2017)

For Immediate Release

Having a hard time scanning numerous media sources to keep yourself in the loop with the latest news and updates from the industry?

With For Immediate Release, you can solve this problem while listening to an engaging conversation between host Shel Holtz, himself an accomplished communication strategist, and a high-powered panel of thought leaders.

The podcast is structured as an expert panel that analyzes the week’s digital and social media news for PR professionals. Each episode provides a rich analysis of recent news and discussions on popular topics.

Episodes that may interest you:

Why Crises Cost Twice As Much (03.09.2018)

Transparency, Trust, and Culture (20.08.2018)

Women At Work

Required listening for any business professional, Women at Work explores gender in the workplace. Launched by the Harvard Business Review and hosted by editors Amy Bernstein, Sarah Green Carmichael, and Nicole Torres, this podcast seeks to “untangle some of the knottiest issues around being a woman at work” and covers everything from female leadership to changing workplace dynamics and harassment.  

With expert guests, the latest research, and practical advice, all business professionals have something to learn from this timely series. 

Episodes that may interest you:

Make Yourself Heard – An examination of differing speech patterns between men and women and how women can be more assertive and deal with “interrupters”. (24.01.2018) 

Mind the (Wage) Gap– A discussion about the gender wage gap and why women are earning less. (21.02.2018)

Marketing Smarts

PR often works hand in hand with marketing, and this podcast series provides a creative boost to your marketing mindset. 

Hosted by Marketing Profs, this 30-minute weekly series will keep you market-smart with bite-sized content in the form of in-depth interviews, insights, and advice. 

Episodes that may interest you:

Zealous Campaigning for Zero Cancer: Colony Brown of ZERO on Marketing Smarts – A discussion of non-profit marketing with Colony Brown, VP of Communications and Marketing for ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer. (20.09.2018) 

Mastering the Invisible Sale – Tom Martin Talks to Marketing Smarts– How to drive business without cold-calls, advertising, or pitching. (11.13.2013) 

Inside PR

Inside PR is a weekly podcast hosted by three PR veterans: Gini Dietrich, Joseph Thornley, and Martin Waxman. Every week they review controversial and provocative issues, interview an interesting guest, and feature listener comments.

This is a great podcast for both novice and experienced PR professionals interested in current events, crisis communications, social media, and reputation management.

Episodes that may interest you:

Do You See the Bias? – An exploration of the role of Google and Facebook as gatekeepers of information, among other topics.  (06.09.2018)

Data Science for Public Relations – Why data science is vital to a well-rounded PR professional (27.06.2017)

PR Week Review

PR Week Review is a gold mine for PR pros who enjoy listening to top PR and communications stories, industry news, and latest headlines.

A weekly delivery of interviews, stories, and opinions that will help you keep on top of all the industry action.

Episodes that may interest you:

Sally Susman, EVP, corporate affairs, Pfizer – A look at Sally Susman’s role at Pfizer, trends in PR and marketing communications in the pharma industry and other PR news. (14.09.2018)

Jennifer Connelly, CEO, JConnelly – The team talks activism and marketing, social media big wigs and Senate appearances, and more. (07.09.2018)

Young PR Pros

Have you just landed on your first job in public relations, or are you a young-at-heart PR pro? If so, Young PR Pros is definitely one you want to check out.

This podcast looks at public relations from a different angle as it is specifically designed to provide young PR professionals with tips, advice, and information on how to build and advance their careers.

Episodes that may interest you:

The 30-day challenge in a new job (02.05.2018)

5 Career Tips that are Actually False (06.10.2017)

Word of Mouth

Word nerds rejoice, this one’s for you!

As PR professionals, we know that the value of words cannot be understated. In order to tell a story that is meaningful and engaging, the language has to be deliberate, creative, and relevant. 

This podcast by BBC delves into the world of words and all the ways we use them. From philosophical musings about the nature of words and the roles they play in politics and society, to the nitty gritty details of specific word origins, pronunciation, and more, this series is bound to inspire you to look at your writing in a whole new light.  

Episodes that may interest you:

Not My Type – How do fonts change the meaning of a message? (23.04.2018) 

Words Apart – A discussion of the state of language and public debate in the age of the Internet and social media. (16.04.2018)

This post was originally published, in a slightly different format, on October 16, 2016.

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