A PR win: How Microsoft leveraged its most valuable resource — its user base

by | May 12, 2015 | Social Media

When one thinks of computer technology or software in the context of brand loyalty, most people think Apple.

But over the last two decades, Microsoft has also done an admirable job leveraging its loyal user base to help other Microsoft customers — many in Microsoft’s user base will defend Microsoft as fervently as Apple’s, while also singing the company’s praises.

That passion naturally transfers to supporting less-experienced users, which ultimately translates to lower support costs for the company along with happier customers.

Microsoft also formally recognizes these customers for helping others better understand Microsoft products. They call them their Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs.

For more information about Microsoft’s MVPs and similar programs from other great brands like Fiskars and Ford of Canada, please download and read our free Brand Advocacy whitepaper.

Brand Advocacy Whitepaper


Lisa Georges


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