Amazing Race Canada, Season 3 Ep. 2: Fighting through the premiere hangover & the Pan Am Games

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Social Media

Last week’s premiere for season 3 of the Amazing Race Canada was extremely successful, after being up 11.5 per cent in social engagement compared to last year’s premiere.

But Episode 2, unfortunately is a different story: engagement for the No. 2 installment this season is down 63.8-per-cent show over show and 40 per cent compared to the second episode last season.

Historically, however, we’ve found the second episode always suffers a slight hangover from the premiere, which tends to maximize buzz and viewership.

That said, the Amazing Race Canada is also facing competition from the Pan Am Games in Toronto along with the fact that the most popular competitors — UFC fighter Elias Theodorou and girlfriend Max Altamuro — have already been eliminated.

Elias Theodorou had the most Twitter engagement during the premiere. To add insult to injury, his Twitter mentions during the day of the second episode was higher than any of the show’s current competitors.

Also, TSN broadcaster James Duthie, who appeared on the premiere and is always a big hit on Twitter, was not part of the second episode.

So it could be said that Amazing Race Canada was lacking a bit of star power in its second week, along with dealing with added noise from the Pan Am Games.

The Pan Am Games has seemed to finally capture the attention of Torontonians, which represent the largest watchers of the Amazing Race Canada and traditionally, the region most engaged with Twitter.

So will the show gain more popularity on social media after the Pan Am Games? And which teams will be the people’s choice?

In the latest episode, wrestlers Nick Foti and Matt Giunta — who were the second-most popular contestants during the premiere — have now established themselves as fan favorites.

But leg winners Hamilton Elliott & Michaelia Drever were not far behind Nick and Matt in popularity. Hamilton, who identifies as transgendered, and his partner seem to have captured the hearts of several Twitter users:


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