Canadian Federal Election Twitter Tracker 2015

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Social Media

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As the 42nd Canadian general election inches closer to its Oct. 19 voting day, Canadians of all political stripes are voicing their support (or lack thereof) for various parties and their leaders on Twitter.

So we’ve tracked English-language election tweets and their corresponding sentiment since August, to see which parties and leaders are being talked about the most—along with the tone or sentiment of those conversations.

Canadian Federal Election Twitter Tracker 2015

Fast mover: The Green Party’s popularity shot up dramatically this past week, as supporters tweeted the hashtag #glibandmale in an attempt to criticize The Globe and Mail’s leadership debate (which did not include Green Party leader Elizabeth May), but then also dropped just as dramatically.

Data is generated by mentions of party handles.

Canadian Federal Election Twitter Tracker 2015

Data is generated by mentions of the leaders’ handles, and is toned using MediaMiser’s automated toning algorithm (following systematic human training of the algorithm).

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