Need to boost the click-through rate of your tweets? Here’s how

by | May 24, 2017 | Social Media

Persuading someone to click on a tweet is a tricky business that keeps online marketers up at night. However, everyone has to do their best here because increasing the popularity of your tweets is the most impactful factor on Twitter.

To measure the effectiveness of the tweets, marketers and other experts use click-through rates (CTR), which is defined as a number of clicks that a tweet received divided by the number of times it was viewed by the Internet users.

It is a powerful indicator in Internet marketing because it shows how to change or adjust the online marketing strategy to make it more attractive. Certainly, this is not the only thing that a marketer needs to be good at on Twitter, but it can serve as a foundation for success.

To increase the CTR, one needs to have an effective plan that will make the content more quality-focused and bring in more leads. If you need one, look no further, because you have come to the right place: I’m a digital marketing specialist at College papers, and I am going to show you the plan in this article.

Here are 10 steps to increase the CTR of your tweets:

Step 1: Use the right keywords

What do you do when your newsfeed does not show the content you need? Right, you type the keywords into the search panel to get better results. This should be on your mind when you write your tweets. If you want them to appear in the search results of other users, ensure they contain the keywords that could be used to find them.

Step 2: Use hashtags smartly

Often, Twitter users search for content with hashtags instead of words, so you should pay attention to them as well. In some cases, it is not enough to include them in the posts, because there are many words that can be used as hashtags, even though they are associated with one area.

For example, if you are tweeting about Bill Gates, you can use hashtags like #Microsoft and #millionaire in addition to the obvious one. Using the hashtags in a smart way will make a big difference for your tweets.

Step 3: Time the posts

It is a known fact that the highest CTR is achieved in specific times when the target audience is online (in most cases, this is afternoon). However, it really depends on your audience, so knowing the time when particular group prefers to be online is critically important.

It could be in different ways: for example, you could use click tracking software like Buffer or a service like Clickmeter.

Scott Ragin

Step 4: Let your audience give you feedback

No one knows better what is interesting for the viewers than themselves. You can use their knowledge to generate some buzz on Twitter. For example, you could ask the audience about some issues they are currently facing and what is interesting for them in your industry. Not only you will be able to obtain this valuable information about their interests but also you will show the interest in the issues of others.

Another thing: you could mention your readers who asked the question or told you a story. This will show that you are paying attention to everybody’s contribution.

Step 5: Do not spam

Well, this one is simple yet profoundly important aspects of any CTR strategy. Your tweets should not be posted like Spam in one’s newsfeed otherwise no one will click one them. One has to have sufficient time gap between the subsequent tweets to prevent this negative perception, which is generally at least 30 minutes.

This will help to avoid the Spam label and increase the CTR.

Scott Ragin

Step 6: Link your Twitter account to other social media accounts

This actually contributes to having a higher CTR by proving your potential leads with multiple options to connect with you. For example, if someone locates your account on LinkedIn, they might click on your Twitter account to look at it and see what you are up to.

They may even click on some of the tweets to see what information you are sharing with others, so having multiple accounts increases your credibility in the eyes of potential connections.

Scott Ragin

Step 7: Get more followers

The more followers you have, the more chances you get to increase CTR because the tweets are viewed by a larger audience. There are many ways to do that; check out these free ways to get more followers from Forbes and strategies offered by Buffer.

Step 8: Don’t give too much away

This one is often used in the news world: the journalists make headlines that tease the viewers to click and see what’s going on. Have you been seduced by any of those? If you have, then you certainly know what I am trying to say here. Never give too much information away in your tweets, tease!

The reason for this is obvious: why would anyone click on the link in the tweet if they can easily guess the entire story from reading? Your purpose is to create curiosity, so tease the audience by asking them questions or making incomplete sentences. Don’t hesitate to use writing tools like College papers to improve your content and make each tweet even more engaging.

Step 9: Provide more visual content

Twitter has never been all about the text. Use this to your advantage! Upload images to your posts to make them more attractive to the viewers. In fact, one of the most important Twitter stats says that tweets with visual content receive two times more the engagement rate of those without it.

So, remember to use your camera or gallery to attach it to your tweet. But the photos should be attractive to the eyes of the viewers. Use this guide to know how to create shareworthy Twitter images for you tweets to maximize the engagement.

Step 10: Share quotes from thought leaders

Many influential people have Twitter accounts with lots of followers. They often post some thought-provoking quotes, useful stats, and other information that can be used by you as well. This will create the association with the leaders in your industry, which is great for improving the popularity of your Tweets!

Just don’t forget to mention where the information came from, you never want to steal anything. Here is the list of some influential people with Twitter profiles for you to use.


To increase the CTR, one needs an effective plan that can help to achieve the task as soon as possible. The steps described in this article can be used to accomplish just that because they utilize methods that proved to be effective for many online businesses before. Try them and make your tweets super popular!

Scott Ragin
Scott Ragin is a digital marketing specialist with more than 5 years of successful work experience in connection social media to business initiative. Scott works with his talented team at College papers.


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