How has Facebook monitoring changed?

by | May 14, 2015 | Social Media

As a result of changes implemented by Facebook on May 1, the ability to perform keyword searches is now gone from the Facebook monitoring experience.

Instead, only Facebook page monitoring will be supported through the social network’s Application Programming Interface (API). This is due to privacy concerns over divulging user data.

These changes will affect all software and services provided by all companies that currently monitor Facebook.

In anticipation of these changes, MediaMiser initiated a two-pronged approach to ensure a rich, relevant Facebook monitoring experience:

  1. We have introduced technological changes to support the new Facebook Graph API 2.0.
  1. We have undertaken the task of discovering Facebook pages relevant to our clients’ accounts, along with building a library of pages that clients can then use to do keyword searches. This ensures that our clients’ accounts are only delivered content relevant to their business or organization.

If you have any questions on the best approach to monitoring Facebook, please contact us.

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Lisa Georges