When Orange REALLY is the New Black

by | Jun 12, 2015 | Social Media, Traditional Media

On June 11, as I was getting ready for bed and planning my strategy for my next day binge-watching marathon, fellow OITNB fans were ALREADY watching what is undeniably Netflix’s most anticipated season release of Orange is the New Black (season3).

Damn. I hate being the last to know. “OITNB made an excellent connection to their core brand by saying the season was “Out early for good behavior” – an excellent way to communicate the early release of the season,” Jay York, a senior digital marketing strategist with Florida’s EMSI Public Relations. “The surprise led to a rush of commentary on social media, with fans spreading the news like gossip through a prison – causing it to trend on Twitter with 244K Tweets.” Today, reviews are starting to pop up as people peel their red eyes away from their monitors, and as I try to avoid being blind-sided by a season-ending spoiler (I know you’re out there!), I find myself wondering WHO gets the privilege of being able to watch the entire season before me. So I turned to MediaMiser’s media monitoring technology and Twitter to find out just who #OITNB’s biggest fans are. But, as I was analyzing the data,  I stumbled upon this little gem:  Top mentioned hashtags: 1. #OITNB (280,530)  2. #OrangeCon (14,237) 3. #OITNBSeason3 (11,122)   4. #Netflix (4,181)   5. #RachelDolezal (3,926) What? Was there an error in the data? Nope.

Sometimes the most exciting, abstract hashtags can be hijacked by something completely unrelated (…well maybe not completely unrelated). Better keep trying to connect with your core brand, Rachel. P.S. If you ‘re still interested in knowing who are the top influencers of #OITNB by number of posts were, here you go:  1. ortizarianaa (180) 2. CloneNic (165)     3. delenasarmour (143)     4. DelenasVauseman (99) 5. UglyDucklingKim (92)   May the binge watching begin.

Lisa Georges


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