News Wires 101

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

Learn everything there is to know about news wires…

from what they are to what they do to how you can use them effectively in your strategy.

Love’em or hate’em, news wires are still kickin’.

Which is why it’s vital for any PR pro to have a solid grasp on what they are, when they should be used (and when they shouldn’t), and what’s considered a reasonable price.

Enter our complete guide that brings together everything you’ve ever wanted to know about news wires into one place.

Get insights into:

  • News wire basics including definitions of industry terms
  • Exactly how they work and how they’ve evolved
  • What they can and cannot do for your strategy
  • News wire pricing & best practices
  • And much more…


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of journalists use news wires


check them daily


use news agencies

67% of journalists use news wires…

37% check them daily.

78% use news agencies.

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