10 Difficult Reporter Questions

(and How to Answer Them)

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

9am PDT |  12pm EDT | 4pm GMT

Landing a high-profile media interview can be a big win for a public relations professional, whether you’re serving a small not-for-profit or a powerhouse fortune 500.

But getting ready to face difficult reporter questions is another thing – and you need to make sure your client or executive spokesperson is well prepared. If not, your great earned media opportunity can turn into a serious blunder.

A journalist’s job is to craft interesting and engaging stories that get views, clicks and shares. Sometimes that means asking questions that are difficult to answer or put you on the spot.

Knowing how to handle these 10 difficult questions types will mean your spokesperson can stay confidently on message, unshaken by any unexpected twists or turns in the interview.

In this 30-minute webinar you’ll learn how to effectively answer the 10 most common ‘difficult question’ types, including:

  • Questions you don’t know the answer to
  • The speculative question
  • The accusatory question
  • and much, MUCH more…

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    Guest presenter: Brad Phillips

    Brad Phillips is the Chief Executive Throughliner for Throughline Group, a media training and public speaking training firm based in NYC and DC, that offers open-enrollment and custom workshops. Brad has trained thousands of media spokespersons and public speakers including a presidential candidate, several members of Congress, Olympic athletes, top CEOs, directors of nonprofit organizations, and heads of government agencies. He’s prepared speakers for TED Global and TEDx Talks, the World Economic Forum in Davos, presidential debates, and thousands of other presentations and interviews. His book, The Media Training Bible, has been Amazon’s top-selling title on the topic since its release in 2012. Prior to starting his businesses, Brad worked for ABC’s Nightline with Ted Koppel and CNN’s Reliable Sources, The Capital Gang, and Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer.

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