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Why story trumps brand:
How to find your capital “S” story

What would it mean to you and your organization if you could leave a webinar with a roadmap for effective PR storytelling? What if we could show you that your organization already has what it needs to do this?

For two generations, “brand” has been the buzzword in marketing and PR. Using examples of both famous and relatively unknown companies, you’ll quickly learn that your organization’s story – why someone would want to work for you, invest in you, partner with you, and yes, buy from you – trumps whatever logo or colors or tagline you may use. In fact, your story should drive your brand!

In this thoughtful and revealing webinar, Paul Furiga, chief storyteller of WordWrite, will show you:

  • How science, our 21st century “always on” communications culture, and the ageless power of storytelling can be combined to deliver PR success for you and your organization.
  • Drawing from his firm’s ten years of applying storytelling principles, Paul will show how some of the world’s best-known companies have used the “Capital S storytelling” framework to create success.
  • The webinar will include access to downloadable tools introduced during the webinar.

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Paul Furiga

Guest presenter: Paul Furiga

Paul Furiga is president and chief storyteller at WordWrite. A PR storytelling expert, he’s the author of Finding Your Capital S Story: Why your story trumps your brand. Paul’s book builds on WordWrite’s trademarked process, StoryCrafting. Previously, Paul was vice president at Ketchum Public Relations, serving clients including Delta, Firestone and Rutgers University. He became a storyteller during two decades as a journalist and covered Congress and the White House while working for magazines, newspapers and newswires. He’s an Accredited Business Communicator through IABC, and the recipient of numerous awards.

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