How to prove the ROI of PR in an uncertain economy


PR is often seen as the ‘fun member’ of the marketing mix, which can unfortunately lead to your clients or leadership underestimating its power and importance. And as budgets are being tightened, stretched, and even cut, you can’t afford to be considered a nice to have instead of a need to have. 

Which is why Vik Tidmarsh, Operations Director, and Lucie Szalma, Senior Account Director at Hatch take you through how to measure, deliver, and report on PR so effectively that your clients or leadership can’t help but take notice and recognize it as an essential component in a successful brand strategy. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of maintaining brand PR activity, and what happens when you don’t  
  • Understanding your audience; what they want and what they don’t  
  • How to set realistic KPIs, with effective tracking and reporting  
  • When and how to integrate your channels for greater impact 


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    Guest Presenters

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    Vik Tidmarsh, Operations Director, Hatch

    With over a decade of experience in both traditional and digital PR, Vik has developed strategies for household name brands such as Hisense, GoCompare and Virgin Holidays. As Hatch’s digital PR expert, Vik’s focus is on delivering audience-first activity that drives actual business benefit, often utilising an integrated approach across PR, content creation and social media. Success doesn’t have to come with a big budget, just a smart, insight-led approach. 

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    Lucie Szalma, Senior Account Director, Hatch

    Lucie has more than 12 years’ experience in PR, copywriting and creative communications. At Hatch, she works across a broad mix of B2B and B2C accounts to deliver engaging, effective campaigns, bolstered by an always-on press office approach. Working across various sectors, including FMGC, lifestyle, travel and finance, Lucie is a creative thinker, with a good understanding of the media landscape and an eye for a great story! 

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