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Like It or Not, Everyone’s a Spokesperson

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

9am PDT |  12pm EDT | 4pm GMT

Even though your organization may have officially designated spokespeople, the truth is anybody from your organization who speaks publicly – be it at an event, on the phone, or on a social media feed – is representing you.

Organizations make significant investments of time and money to educate the public, the media, potential donors and partners about their work. But they often miss one of their most important audience: their own staff.

Let’s face it, communications teams spend hours strategizing (and agonizing!) how best to engage external audiences. Hours upon hours are devoted to crafting, executing and analyzing everything including presentations to donors, newsletters to supporters, social media posts, and pitches to journalists.

But staff can be an organization’s biggest ambassadors and, at times, its greatest critics. Intentional internal communications efforts play a critical role in helping employees feel knowledgeable, connected, and appreciated. Plus, it can help extend an organization’s reach to new audiences.

In this webinar, learn why it’s critical to think of internal communications in the same breath as your external communications strategies.

Everyone’s a spokesperson. Rather than fearing this, learn how to use it to your advantage.

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Gabriel Sanchez

Guest presenter: Gabriel Sanchez

Gabriel is leader who focuses on results. With nearly 20 years of experience in behavior change campaigns, he is passionate about using communications to connect audiences with ideas that spark change. Gabriel applies his experience to create communications strategies that make an impact by captivating, educating and engaging target audiences. He has applied this understanding to develop successful long and short-term strategic communications plans for state and local governments, public agencies, non-profit groups, foundations, private corporations, and candidates at the national, state, local and legislative levels. Gabriel also has shared his talents through board assignments for organizations engaged in elevating the voice of parents in education and supporting student journalism.

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