Take Control With Media Monitoring

We’ve been in the media monitoring game for a long time. 

Over the years we’ve seen many creative and effective ways organizations and PR agencies leverage media monitoring.

Sign up for this webinar to learn some of the most tried and true ways that organizations, including  your competitors, are using media monitoring  to win the coverage war.  

You’ll learn how to filter out the irrelevant coverage while still monitoring the most important channels – both social media and traditional media.

In this 1 hr. webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. Tips to take control with media monitoring
  2. Places  and content you should be monitoring
  3. The most effective ways to share the results with your team
  4. How to evaluate what media monitoring tool or service is right for you

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Guest presenter: Dawn Smeaton

With extensive experience in marketing and communications on the agency and client side, Dawn Smeaton has both asked for the world – and tried to deliver it. A math nerd by birth, and news junkie by choice, a career in media monitoring and analytics was almost pre-destined. By sharing her passion for data and de-mystifying measurement, she strives to help PR pros overcome analysis anxiety and become data-driven communicators.

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