Cracking Broadcast: Pitching Secrets for Getting Your Clients on TV
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Broadcast coverage is prized among PR pros. Yet, even experienced PR pros find pitching broadcast a tricky business. It’s a much different process than booking a newspaper, radio, or magazine interview.

In this month’s free webinar, Julie Loffredi, award-winning journalist and Head of Content at Broadly, shares her pitching secrets for getting your spokespeople or clients on TV. 

Julie will teach you: 

  • How to identify the right contacts to pitch.  
  • How to understand broadcast lingo.
  • How to properly train and prepare your spokesperson for television.  
  • The latest paid and earned broadcast media strategies used by professionals. 
  • How national and local television shows operate (from an insider’s perspective). 

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Guest presenter: Julie Loffredi

Syndicated Journalist and Head of Content, Broadry

Julie Loffredi is an award winning broadcast journalist who heads up innovative content at Broadry. Her work has appeared on CNN, Fox News, TODAY, USA Today, Forbes, NBC News, and more. She also assists major news organizations with getting ahead of the latest trends with innovative branded content campaigns and new digital commerce-driven programs.

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