Empowering Brand Ambassadors Through Thought Leadership Empty heading

Are you missing out on your company’s biggest asset? Is your client struggling to make waves with their audience?

Authentic representation is critical for establishing trust and building brand and business value. Businesses with the strongest financial performance have workforces that mirror our diverse society and leaders who empower their employees to become brand ambassadors.

But how do you turn employees into public advocates?

Vivian Kelly, Founder and CEO of Interprose, joins us for this month’s webinar to share her steps for:

  • Developing diverse thought leadership
  • Creating a platform to share your brand or client’s expertise
  • Empowering employees to be the face of the company

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Vivian Kelly

Guest presenter: Vivian Kelly

Vivian Kelly is founder and CEO of Interprose. With roots deeply embedded in B2B technology and telecoms PR, she has been caring for and shaping brand reputations for industry giants and innovative startups for 30 years. Business leaders trust her to keep them top of mind and current with the latest best practices in PR, social media and content creation for engaging and influencing their target audiences. In addition to her wide ranging communications expertise, Vivian has worked with numerous companies to prepare for, avoid and survive a crisis – helping transform negative opinions in the press and social media into positive reviews.

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