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From a Cup of Coffee to the Front Page:

Earning Coverage as the Biggest Company No One’s Ever Heard Of

Every company wanting to build their brand profile needs to include earned media in their communications plan. The benefits of positive, third-party coverage are immenseincreased awareness, credibility, authority, reputation… the list goes on. 
But where do you start when no one knows who you are or what you do? 

Enter Frederik Bjoerndal, head of corporate communications in North America for the world’s largest industrial biology company, Novozymes. A former journalist and Army Officer, Frederik has helped Novozymes raise its profile by earning front page coverage on the New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Scientific American—and placing it in the top 10 of Fortune’s Change the World list.   

In this webinar, Frederik provides a no-nonsense vantage point on pitching, building relationships with journalists, and boosting your brand’s profile when no one knows your organization. You’ll learn practical techniques for placing stories and Frederik’s core principles for pitching:


  • Know the types of stories your audience wants
  • Research, research, research 
  • Think like a journalist  
  • Be sincere and kind 
  • Never give up if you know you have a golden pitch

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Frederik Bjoerndal

Guest presenter: Frederik Bjoerndal

Based in New York City, Frederik heads corporate communications in North America for the world’s largest industrial biology company, Novozymes. The function integrates a range of specialized disciplines, including internal communications, design, issues and crisis management, media relations, thought leadership and positioning, and change communication.  

Member of the company’s Leadership Team for North America. Extensive international experience at C-level in the wider space of corporate affairs, including public affairs and government relations.  

Frederik has developed strong relationships and worked with some of the world’s leading environmental and science journalists, taking them as far as the Arctic to go hunting for fungi that could look to solve some of our greatest challenges – or to the vast corn fields of the Midwest to understand the increasing prominence of microbes as an alternative to chemicals.  

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