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Traditional PR vs. Digital PR:

The Quest for the Holy Grail

What does PR success look like to you?

Claire Reynolds and Dave Endsor have differing opinions. But the tension between traditional and digital PR doesn’t stop these two department heads from coming together to get big results for their clients.

Join Claire and Dave as they co-lead this month’s webinar on how to find the Holy Grail of PR success: combining traditional and digital PR for maximum impact.

Together, they’ll unpack more great knowledge, like:

  • How to properly define traditional and digital PR and debunk the myths
  • How to use their similarities and differences to your advantage
  • How to implement best practices for combining the two
  • How to align traditional and digital PR objectives

Claire is the head of PR and Dave is the head of content at the award-winning agency Tank in the UK.

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Guest presenter: Claire Reynolds

Claire Reynolds is head of PR at Tank, an award-winning digital PR agency based in Nottingham, UK. Overseeing clients in retail, tech, design and construction, Claire heads up a 26-strong team of writers, ex-journalists, digital experts and creative minds to deliver PR campaigns which truly make their mark for clients. An ex-style blogger with a keen understanding of the influencer market, Claire is an outspoken advocate for supportive, inclusive and constantly learning work cultures. As the youngest ‘head of’ a department at the agency, Claire is also a previous winner of the CIPR Outstanding Young Communicator Award. Highlight: Claire launched a campaign that crashed her client’s phone lines – twice. Temporarily, of course.


Guest presenter: Dave Endsor

Dave Endsor is the head of content at Tank, a PR and digital agency. Working across the agency’s entire client base, Dave runs successful content and link-building campaigns designed to get people and businesses noticed on search, in the press and on social. A lateral-thinking creative brain with an eye for detail, Dave’s ability to fuse the story with the link-worthiness has driven ROI beyond coverage alone. His combination of quick thinking, great communication skills and unwavering support for others makes Dave an outstanding leader in his industry.

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