The essential PR audit: How to provide a high-quality experience for each client while increasing your bottom line

What is a PR Audit? Why is it important?

A PR audit (or media audit) breaks down all your marketing collateral, digital assets, and media outreach—because if your messaging does not effectively portray your brand and where it’s headed in the future, then it’s time to get back to the basics! 

An audit can help you identify any marketing, advertising, and PR shortcomings that are negatively influencing your success and then empower you to transform your communications and create PR campaigns that are always headed in the right direction.  

Tonya McKenzie, communications and leadership consultant and founder of Sand & Shores is here to teach you how to conduct an audit for your clients or brand. You’ll learn:


  • What a PR audit is 
  • Why a PR audit is the perfect process to identify and address issues in need of remedy 
  • Actionable steps on how to get started and what to include in your audit 
  • How to transform your audit results into solutions for easier, intuitive, and more efficient PR


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Guest presenter: Tonya McKenzie

Tonya McKenzie, founder of Sand & Shores is a communications and leadership consultant. She also serves as a Los Angeles County Commissioner of Alcohol and Other Drugs, an author, and a speaker. Tonya’s firm, Sand & Shores works with businesses, organizations, and personalities to help them tell their story, increase brand awareness, and build a strong reputation. Her body of work with Chambers of Commerce, nonprofits, civic organizations, and small businesses has shaped her into an advocate, a trainer and a valuable resource in the communications and PR industry. Tonya is the author of a memoir titled, A Child’s Memories of Cartoons and Murder.

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