What Journalists Want From PR Pros in 2018

You want coverage for your brand, and that means working with journalists.

But journalists are busy people… They tend to have tight deadlines and a healthy dose of skepticism.

So what can PR pros do to cut through the noise, get noticed, and earn coverage for their clients and organizations?

After this 1 hr. webinar you’ll know:

  • How to get your pitch to stand out
  • What tactics you should stop using right now
  • 3 things reporters want from PR pros
  • What tricks used to work – and what to do now instead…

Stop sending your painstakingly crafted PR pitches into the black hole of journalist inboxes, never to be heard from again.

You need journalists to be receptive to you. But to create win-win interactions, you have to know the right ways to connect with them now.

Do yourself a favor and listen when they tell you exactly how they want to be approached.

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Guest panelists:

Tom hallman Jr.

Tom Hallman Jr.
Pulitzer Prize winning
journalist & author

Elizabeth Newman

Elizabeth Newman
Senior Editor at McKnight’s
Long-Term Care News

Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliot
Award-winning author
consumer advocate & journalist

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