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Customer Satisfaction score (CSAT) is an industry-standard customer experience metric that measures overall satisfaction with the product, service, or support interaction. A score of 90 or above is considered excellent.

Agility Customer Support Feedback
Last 15 responses
Always on top of everything!
Thank you so much! I am a new user of this feature and she did exactly what I needed.
It was really helpfull!
Provide a quick and efficient answer to my query, informing me of functionality in Agility I wasn’t previously aware of.
Fast, efficient and useful
super-fast and helpful response
I can’t believe how quickly and easily Grace showed me how to solve my issue.
Quick and thorough.
Always on the ball, always efficient and helpful. THANK YOU!
Alan solved my issue in less than 5 minutes!!!
Prompt and efficient.
Gracie is so quick and efficient
Thanks, was fats and helpful
Abbi was quick and helpful. Solved my issue within seconds.
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