The Agility platform is a powerful tool, designed to help you save time and succeed in achieving your goals. We want to make sure you get maximum results from every available feature. This month we’re focusing on Agility’s Reporting Module, which allows you to create custom monitoring reports.

Why should you build reports with the Agility Reporting Module?

– They’re quick – Create reports in a few clicks, either on curated folders or directly from your topics.

– They’re ready to be presented and shared – Export the entire stunning report as a PDF or choose a specific chart of interest and insert it into your presentation.

– They’re customizable – Select your favourite and most-impressive metrics from a menu. Each chart can have multiple data sources, allowing you to compare campaigns or compare your coverage to a competitor’s.


How does the Agility Reporting Module help you?

With the various metric options below, you can build reports that provide insight into your activities and the impact they generated.

1. Volume, Reach and Media Ad Value – Assess key data points in this one-click report





2. Coverage Trend – See your coverage over time and analyze the peaks to determine which stories are getting you mentions




3. Brand or Competitive Share of Voice – Compare your coverage to your competitors’






4. Top Authors and Outlets – Discover the authors and outlets talking about you and add them to your media outreach






5. Sentiment – Discern public perception of your brand or client





6. Regional Share of Voice – Determine the geographical spread of your media coverage

7. Media Type – Learn which channels are picking up your story and where your outreach is getting the best results

How can you get started with the Agility Reporting Module today?

Our expert support staff is available 24 hours to help you via chat, email, or phone.