Who is the ultimate “Brexpert”?

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU was a shock to many, and one that brought up many questions. In their search, the media turned to UK universities and their spokespeople for clarity and answers.

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MediaMiser’s media intelligence team used Agility Enterprise to analyze coverage of Brexit and find out which university and spokespeople were referred to most often in media reports.

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“We will have to wait a while before we get a firm idea of how much Impact the UK’s decision to leave the EU has on attitudes towards independent in Scotland… but so far the evidence is consistent with the claim that there is now a narrow majority in favour of independence in Scotland.”

John Curtice, Professor of Politics, University of Strathclyde, was identified as the most influential expert on Brexit.

Source: MediaMiser’s Brexit and UK Universities: Who is the undisputed “Brexpert” report.

The in-depth analysis of media coverage is summarized in a paper, Brexit and UK Universities: Who is the undisputed “Brexpert”? Download your copy today, and discover:

  • Which university was the most mentioned in articles about Brexit
  • Which university had the most spokespeople offering expertise on the subject
  • Who were the most quoted experts – and what they said

Want to know who became the ultimate “Brexpert”?  Download our free report and find out the details.

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