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Trust your dedicated team at Agility to deliver the business-critical insights you need to build a stronger brand. Leveraging our AI-powered media monitoring and social listening platform to cover all channels.

Reputation & Brand Insights

Get alerts for possible reputational risks

Measure your brand’s public perception

Keep an eye on competitor and industry shifts

What’s driving the conversation around your brand?
Traditional media may help shape public opinion, but it’s not a magic bullet. The gap between what you think your reputation is and what the public says it is can only be determined through a holistic and objective assessment of your unique media environment.

As your strategic media partner, we will:

  • Break down silos to take a global, cross-channel view of your coverage and deliver critical insights
  • Monitor the success of your ESG, CSR, and DEI initiatives
  • Build inroads with media contacts
  • Address public sentiment


Our approach combines AI-powered media monitoring and social listening with the expertise of our global media analyst team. We use complex Boolean logic and AI recommendations to pinpoint all relevant coverage and then add essential human validation and contextual analysis to distill pertinent insights and trends.
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Open your inbox each morning to the news you need for the day. Vetted and curated by your dedicated team at Agility, your briefings contain the most influential coverage no matter where it comes from: social, broadcast, print, or online.

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Our team of media analysis experts will establish the impact of your PR and communications outcomes on business goals and corporate reputation, and deliver the results in a branded, executive-ready report.

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365 days of the year

With branch benchmarking, you’ll be able to identify when there’s a change in your reputation, awareness, and engagement so you can respond in a timely and effective manner. Benchmark against yourself, your top competitors, your industry, or complimentary/comparable industries.

Reputation Benchmaking


Carilion Clinic

Carilion Clinic is a not-for-profit healthcare organization. The PR Manager at Carilion wished to confidently measure their reputation in the various communities that they served and report that sentiment to senior executives in the organization. Their previous media monitoring reports were filled with too much noise, and they could never be certain about the accuracy of the data. The communications team was forced to spend hours vetting and editing these reports instead of on crafting and executive winning strategy.

The PR Manager needed a solution that would allow him to easily illustrate to the communications team, leadership, and other stakeholders, the real value of the PR work Carilion does. Agility worked with Carilion Clinic to build what became known as the Reputation Radar Report, which combines earned media and social media sentiment scores. The result is a reputation score, distilled from hundreds of mentions into a single, easy-to-read number, that can be replicated week over week and month over month so everyone can compare apples to apples. The Carilion team says the reports are far more accurate and far more trustworthy than those they were receiving before Agility.

The benefits of the Reputation Radar Report have been many, but the most far-reaching is that Carilion’s leadership trusts the reputation score, and what the report is telling them about their place in the community.

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