The ultimate guide to micro-influencers [Infogif]

Shane Barker — he of digital marketing consulting renown and co-host of micro-influencers: a micro-webinar — and his team created this nifty thing.

Live Panel: How PR Is Set to Change in 2018

PRedictors Christopher Penn, Julie Murphy, and David Landis want to show you the way.


Let it be your guide to the strange and exciting world of micro-influencers.

For more insight on how to get the most out of this marketing phenomenon, watch our webinar and read our post 4 ways to get micro-influencers working for you.

infogif of the ultimate guide to micro-influencers

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Marcus Kaulback

Marcus Kaulback

Marcus is a content marketer with Agility PR Solutions. When he’s not creating the stuff, he’s unearthing it, curating it, and tailoring it, in order to bring the utmost value to his audience (while also bringing a little bit to the company). He has a sister who is also in marketing. What a world!