Automated monitoring

Want an easy-to-use yet powerful media monitoring tool to track what is being said about your organization, your industry, and your competitors?

The CAPTURE package tells you precisely where and when the things important to you are getting coverage. Designed to pick up everything you want and none of what you don’t – whether it’s mentions in traditional, online, or social media – with the CAPTURE package you’ll be able to see what your coverage says, pinpoint spikes and dips, and generate custom reports to share with any and all stakeholders.

You get everything included with the CONNECT package, plus (but not limited to):

  • Far and Wide Listening. Monitor topics wherever you need, with broad content coverage of online, print, broadcast, and social media. We’ll ensure you track all vital content sources and stay up to date on coverage with our easy-to-use monitoring tool.
  • PR Measurement Made Easy. Choose from a library of pre-built media coverage reports for insight into your coverage by type, geography, share of voice, sentiment, and more.
  • Live Social & News Streams. Create live streams of influencer content by keyword or contact list to hear the latest social conversations and see recent articles written by journalists in our database. Gain insights and identify new influencers to add to your lists in a snap.
  • Go Back in Time. Search historical content, up to 6 months in the past, to browse previous coverage trends for any topic.
  • Never Miss a Story. Stay on top of coverage, including your brand, industry, and competitor news, with automated email briefs sent how often you like.
  • Share Custom Clipbooks. Compile your top press clippings in media clipbooks to easily share coverage updates with key stakeholders.
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Managed monitoring

If you just don’t have the time or resources (or inclination) to monitor yourself, we offer a personalized service that takes care of all the details.

The ILLUMINATE package combines our powerful media monitoring tool and our team of media analysts. We fine-tune searches and add context that automated tools can’t, meaning you get a clear sense of the specifics of your coverage, every time.

You get everything included with the CONNECT package, plus (but not limited to):

  • Cut Through Noise. Comprehensive media monitoring, with advanced capabilities and human analysis, to ensure you only get relevant coverage.   
  • Executive-Ready Daily Briefs. Get the most pertinent coverage straight to your inbox each morning for any coverage topic, with a human-curated daily media brief.
  • Dedicated Media Analysts. From setting up and fine-tuning searches, to adding coverage context and sentiment, your dedicated media analyst will ensure you’re delighted with every report and media brief delivered.
  • Go Back in Time. See a full view into all of your past coverage by pulling historical reports of your saved articles, with no limitations on publish date.
  • Monitor Influencers. Monitor any keyword or media list to see the latest social conversations and online and print news so you can stay on top of your most important influencers.
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See our solution in action

Watch how you can easily monitor digital, social, print, TV, and radio sources and create daily briefs or presentation-ready reports with Agility PR Solutions.

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Bulldog Reporter

You’re busy.
But you still need to stay on top of your PR game.

As a bonus feature of our CAPTURE package, you’ll get a weekly summary of the best of the Bulldog Reporter from the last seven days, exclusive and timely content from industry leaders that you won’t find anywhere else, on all things affecting PR, Comms, and Marketing. You’ll also get first crack at our Industry Insights webinar series, where media experts from around the world share tips, best practices, and their personal experiences putting them into action.

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Which solution is right for you?

  CAPTUREAutomated Monitoring ILLUMINATEManaged Monitoring
Online news monitoring Absolutely Absolutely
Print and broadcast monitoring Ask for options Ask for anything
Social media monitoring Limited Absolutely
Dedicated media expert Afraid not Absolutely
Executive-ready reports Pre-built reports Sky's the limit
Clipbooks/News briefs Automated emails Hand-crafted, branded briefs
PR measurement (beyond AVEs) Afraid not Sky’s the limit
Sentiment analysis Automated Human-augmented
Set up of search & keywords Simple, self-service tool We do it for you
Real-time alerts Absolutely Daily alerts – Crisis support available
Global media database You get that, too You get that, too
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