Capture Your Coverage & Track Reach

Monitor media coverage across online, print, broadcast, and social media with an easy-to-use tool

Far & wide listening

Monitor topics wherever you need with broad content coverage of online, print, broadcast, and social media, including Twitter & Facebook. Stay up to date on coverage & track all vital content sources with our easy-to-use, self-serve monitoring tool.

Monitor beyond text

Our AI-powered image search allows you to track images associated with your organization to see how compelling, shareable, and on-brand your earned media really is.

Live social & news streams

See live streams of influencer content, by keyword, hashtag, or contact list, to hear the latest social conversations and see recent articles written by journalists. Gain insights and identify new influencers to add to your outreach lists in a snap.

PR reporting made easy

Choose from a library of pre-built media coverage report templates for insight into coverage by type, geography, share of voice, sentiment, and more.

Share custom clipbooks

Compile your top press clippings in media clipbooks to easily share vital coverage with key stakeholders.

Never miss a story

Stay on top of coverage, including your brand, industry, and competitor news with scheduled email alerts.

Find & connect with influencers

Our monitoring tool includes access to a global media database of over 800,000 contacts, so you can research and connect with vital journalists and influencers.

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Media Monitoring FAQs

What kind of topics am I able to monitor with Agility PR Solutions?
Anything and everything – whether it’s coverage related to your brand, your competitors, your industry or beyond, we’re here to make sure you get the full picture of your coverage.
What content sources do you monitor?
We include online, broadcast and social media (Twitter & Facebook) monitoring for all monitoring clients. We can also help you monitor a wide breadth of print sources (subject to licensing fees) or niche publications. Just ask us!
How far in the past can I set my searches?
You can search historical content, up to 6 months in the past, to browse previous coverage trends for any topic.
Can I track share of voice (SOV) using your tool?
Definitely – we include share of voice measurement in our library of pre-built media coverage report templates.
What is the cost of your media monitoring tool?
We’re so glad you asked! View our pricing page to get details on our packages and pricing.
Do you offer full-service media monitoring/PR measurement reports?
Absolutely! You can click here to learn more about our human-curated media monitoring and PR measurement services.

Have complex monitoring needs?

Learn more about our human-curated media monitoring and custom PR measurement services.