A brand new another arrives this 2021

by | Mar 3, 2021

The reality we are living and the technological transformation that many industries have experienced, demand a fast and constant evolution. With this scenario, Another Company has reformulated and innovated in its offer of strategic communication services with a view to continuing its expansion in 2021 towards the European market, specifically Spain, and thus continue with its positive growth trend of last year, when it started operations in Brazil and the United States, increasing its reach to 18 countries around the world.

As a first step in this evolution, the agency presents a new corporate identity, changing its name to another and strengthening the unit in all its business areas, in order to provide a comprehensive, dynamic and renewed offer for its client portfolio.

About this change, Rodrigo Peñafiel, co-founder of another, said: “With this new era we want to satisfy the need of many brands of transmitting messages that go according to the constant change scenario in which we find ourselves. As well, we are working to extend our services and reach new markets that require disruptive communication strategies”.

The new face of another

The agency’s rebranding is based on the concepts of matter, unification and adaptation. Inspired by that idea, each particle of another has the same importance, and the collaboration of all is the factor that gives uniqueness and strength. With these bases, the new logo represents the cohesion of the following elements:

  • Talent
  • Services
  • Culture

The 2020 legacy

Last year took many industries by surprise due to the pandemic and its effects, such as the establishment and adaptation of new forms of remote work. For this reason, the ecosystem of agencies saw the need to rethink their strategies to resist the impact and re-emerge into a new normal as strategic allies of brands.

“2020 was a year of learning “on the go”, however we knew how to adapt ourselves to the changes and requirements of current communication. Thanks to collaboration and teamwork we have added more than 40 projects of leading brands and companies to our portfolio, starting 2021 with sustainable growth and a brand new identity”, Jaspar Eyears, CEO of another, pointed out.

In this way, another takes another step forward in the new reality, without losing the values that, since 2004, have revolutionized strategic communication through creative and powerful solutions, as well as storytelling that meets and exceeds the expectations of its customers, adding a more humane, genuine and inclusive sense at a time when the openness and digitization of the media has changed the way brands connect with their key audiences.


Founded in 2004 by Jaspar Eyears and Rodrigo Peñafiel, another is an independent agency that aims to revolutionize strategic communication through powerful and effective campaigns to position various brands in front of their audiences. Another Company has integrated services such as public relations, digital communication, influencer marketing, social media, branding, content & inbound marketing, creative and design, and brand experiences. The agency operates under specialized business units, classified as: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, mass consumption, technology, luxury, culture, health & wellness and corporate. Another is part of the Constellation Global Network and PRORP, and has been recognized with various awards such as the SABER Awards and the Latin American Excellence Awards. It has offices in Mexico (Mexico City), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Chile (Santiago), Colombia (Bogotá), Panama (Panama City) and Peru (Lima) with scope in the United States, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and soon in Europe.

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