Adam Ritchie Brand Direction Wins Highest Agency Honors

by | Aug 11, 2021

PR industry experts have named Adam Ritchie Brand Direction one of the best public relations agencies in the country.

Juries said Adam Ritchie Brand Direction “pushes the limits of PR,” “drives its clients’ R&D and creates products with newsworthiness built into them from the start” and said its “non-traditional take on PR sets the firm apart,” recognizing the agency as an honoree in the following programs:

The distinctions come after the firm’s sweep of national campaign and professional competitions.

“Agency-level recognition is the pinnacle,” said Ritchie. “Bigger than any project or person, it means a business has produced a string of client success over time. I’m grateful to our industry peers for certifying that we’ve hit our stride.”

The agency’s Invention in PR speaking tour, which seeks to reshape perceptions and the practice of PR from its past as an organization’s mouthpiece to its future as an organization’s creative engine, has reached communications programs at more than 50 universities nationwide. The tour is being expanded into a book, showing students and professionals how to take an Invention-first approach to public relations. The book is slated for publication by Routledge next year.

The firm recently added new clients to its roster. Among them are Level99, a new entertainment concept with interactive challenges, elevated food and craft beer under one roof – and the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation, a talent incubator helping the United States close its critical cybersecurity skills gap.

About Adam Ritchie Brand Direction

Adam Ritchie Brand Direction uses PR to invent and transform. It serves clients on four continents and brings out the best in brands by helping them grow, communicate and make the right moves. For more, visit aritchbrand.com.

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