Agency 451’s Social Influencer Marketing Group, Wildfire, Names Leadership

by | Mar 8, 2018

Agency 451 announced Erica Gatlin, director of influencer marketing, and Sarah Lapierre, influencer marketing strategist, will lead its Social Influencer Marketing group: Wildfire. Wildfire campaigns combine the power of influencer marketing with the Agency 451 approach. Programs are concepted with insight from world-class creative talent who have experience working with influencers and brands including Julian Edelman, Mike Birbiglia, Dunkin Donuts, Smuckers, GMC, and Downy.

“Having worked in the influencer marketing space since its infancy, I know all successful campaigns start with insights and data,” said Gatlin. “With Wildfire, we understand the value of developing our programs with a research-focused strategy. It is the most effective approach in reaching a highly targeted audience, generating brand awareness, and ultimately driving revenue.”

Through years of nurturing relationships, the Wildfire team has cultivated a diverse group of influencers across verticals including food, beauty, lifestyle, healthcare and more. Agency 451 also has social influencers on staff who provide invaluable insight to campaign development and execution.

“I regularly work with brands to create authentic, sponsored content on my website and YouTube channel, MKUP with Sarah,” said Lapierre. “My unique perspective gives me an exceptional understanding of the goals and needs of both the brand and influencer. This allows us to implement thoughtful strategy and communication resulting in unconventional, forward-thinking campaigns.”

The agency’s years of experience executing strategic influencer campaigns, and its commitment to creative excellence, was instrumental in the conception of Wildfire. Wildfire programs provide strategic mapping to a client’s custom KPIs, enhanced reporting, and a targeted approach to augmenting a brand’s marketing efforts.

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