AMP3 PR announces its annual “CAMP3,” a complimentary fashion PR boot camp for students with internships impacted by COVID-19

by | Jul 10, 2020

Later this month, AMP3 PR will host its annual PR boot camp dubbed “CAMP3,” which is designed to mentor college students studying PR, marketing and communications. Usually hosted at the agency’s headquarters, this year, the camp will go virtual to provide opportunity and learning to students all over (and no longer limited to only those in the NYC area). The event is a crash course in best practices for Fashion PR, aimed at shaping the next generation of PR professionals.

This year, many college students lost their internships due to the impacts of COVID-19. These internships are a valuable way for students to learn, explore, and gain real world experience. By hosting CAMP3 online, AMP3 hopes to give these students the hands-on PR experience that they might have otherwise missed, so they can further their knowledge, build their résumé s, and get more clarity on what it’s really like to have a career in this industry.

Interested students can apply for the boot camp, which will offer a week of complimentary real world training and guest speakers including: Gabrielle Prescod, Senior Fashion Market Editor at BUSTLE, who will speak to the do’s and don’ts of pitching and how brands can break through in 2020; notable influencer & social media coach, Lissette Calveiro, who will be demystifying the role of the influencer in today’s brand marketing landscape; and fashion stylist Amanda Lim, who will discuss the role publicists play in celebrity placements. Other activities will include pitch creation, the basics of celebrity relations, social media marketing for brands, events in a post-COVID world, analytics, how to excel at a PR internship with a guest appearance by Lauren Berger AKA The Intern Queen, interactive case studies, and a Q&A with the agency’s co-founder, Alyson Roy.

“We really feel for all college students and recent college grads who have had their internship experiences completely canceled this year due to COVID-19,” says Alyson Roy, “We’re excited to host this experience virtually, so that we can reach even more students than ever before with an opportunity they can leverage to stay competitive during such a challenging job market. The Fashion PR space in particular can be tough to break into, so as an agency, we make it a point to welcome and empower newcomers with the tools they need to succeed in our field.”

“I learned more about PR in one day from AMP3 than I did at my entire internship,” said one satisfied camper in a post-event testimonial. “Most companies nowadays don’t bother to share this important information to budding millennials who seek this career path,” said another.

The CAMP3 PR Boot Camp will take place the week of July 27 – 31, 2020. For more information about the event and how to apply, visit: https://amp3pr.com/camp3-2020/.

AMP3 PR announces its annual CAMP3

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