Ampio Pharmaceuticals Retains LaVoieHealthScience for Integrated Public and Investor Relations

by | Dec 5, 2017

Ampio Pharmaceuticals announced the engagement of LaVoieHealthScience for their services in investor and public relations.

LaVoieHealthScience will immediately begin designing and executing a strategic communications plan to extend Ampio’s reach. Ampio’s lead product candidate, Ampion, is currently in a Phase 3 clinical trial. Ampion is a novel biologic and is a low molecular weight ultra-filtrate of human serum albumin (HSA), designed for the treatment of signs and symptoms of severe osteoarthritis of the knee (OAK).

LaVoieHealthScience, an integrated investor and public relations agency focused on advancing health and science innovations, will be supporting Ampio in their strategic communications with a broad range of audiences including media, healthcare professionals, the investment community and others. LaVoieHealthScience will use their 16 years of proven industry tactics to help Ampio extend visibility and optimize value.

“As we continue to move forward with Ampion, we believe this is the right time to engage with a strategic communications firm and LHS is the right choice given their deep industry experience,” said Michael Macaluso, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ampio Pharmaceuticals.  “We look forward to working with the LaVoieHealthScience team.”

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