APPRI Indonesia Appoints Jojo Suharjo as New Chairperson

by | Nov 9, 2017

The Indonesian Association of Public Relations Companies has elected Managing Director of Imogen PR Indonesia and PROI Worldwide Indonesian Partner Jojo Suharjo Nugroho as its chairperson for the 2017-2020 period, at an APPRI conference.

Chairperson-elect Jojo Suharjo said that under his leadership, APPRI will step up its collaboration with stakeholders in Indonesia as well as PR companies worldwide. “We are striving to have PR Companies in Indonesia get worldwide recognition which will bring more values and benefits for all its members,” Jojo said.

APPRI, the only organization housing PR companies in Indonesia, aims at developing the Indonesian PR industry and become the voice of public relations consultancies nationwide.

One of the founders of APPRI and Indonesia’s PR Guru Maria Wongsonagoro said, “There is a need to pass on the wisdom, capacity and skills of senior PR practitioners to the younger generation who will become the future leaders of the PR industry.  We hope the management of APPRI under the leadership of Jojo Suharjo will be able to bring Indonesia’s PR companies to the level of professionalism recognized not only in Indonesia but also beyond. Public Relations is a strategic management function that companies, institutions and the government need to master.”

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