Baretz+Brunelle Adds Digital Marketing Pioneer Amy Hanan as Chief Digital Officer

by | Aug 2, 2018

When Apple released its first-generation iPhone, a visionary marketing team at the Associated Press launched AP Mobile, the phone’s first-ever news app. Amy Hanan’s participation on that team foreshadowed a career in which she has repeatedly designed pioneering digital marketing initiatives that generated millions of dollars in value for businesses operating in the legal and financial services industries.

Baretz+Brunelle announced that Hanan has joined the firm as its chief digital officer, a position in which she will work with B+B’s sophisticated client base to develop innovative digital marketing strategies and will design the next generation of products for them.

“With a few exceptions, law firms and other companies operating in the legal industry are playing in the minor leagues in their use of digital marketing strategies,” Baretz+Brunelle co-founder Spencer Baretz said. “Having Amy on our team is like having an all-star major league player-coach. Her wisdom in the area will be tremendously valuable for our clients and this entire market.”

Hanan held various positions at ALM Media, including vice president of strategic communications & creative services, a role in which she was responsible for defining ALM’s corporate brand. Earlier, she spearheaded digital marketing campaigns for ALM’s legal media and intelligence products resulting in a 300 percent increase in the identification of new potential clients.

Immediately before joining Baretz+Brunelle, Hanan built the marketing department from the ground up at Reorg Research, a financial media firm focusing on the restructuring industry. During her two-year tenure, with a specific focus on executing digital strategies for growth, the company’s organic revenue increased by more than $10 million and headcount doubled, contributing to the firm’s recent sale to Warburg Pincus.

“As the business world continues to shift toward consuming the bulk of its information through digital platforms, it will be absolutely critical for professional services businesses like those in law and finance—which rely so heavily on human relationships – to understand how to embrace this change,” Hanan said. “There is a tremendous opportunity to show these businesses the massive, untapped potential digital marketing has to create and deepen those relationships. And with B+B’s stellar reputation in the legal and financial services industries, I cannot think of a better firm to seize this terrific opportunity.”

Hanan is developing Baretz+Brunelle’s full suite of digital marketing offerings, which will be introduced to clients in the coming months.

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