Beach House PR Adds Aquis to Client Roster

by | Jul 16, 2018

Beach House PR announced the addition of Aquis to their agency roster. Beach House, an award-winning strategic communications agency, will handle public relations and influencer marketing efforts for the company.

Born and raised on the farms of Marin County, founder Britta Cox had very little time to let her hair dry, and little patience to style it with damage-causing hair dryers, products, and styling tools. Thus some years ago, she set out to make a superior product that would contribute positively to women’s lives. “Wash and Wear Hair” resonated deeply and led to the idea of Aquis; a hair towel that quickly and gently dries strands to a damp stage with less friction, to minimize frizz and damage, all while being hands-free.

Aquis is made from Aquitex technology, an innovative, lightweight drying system consisting of ultra-fine fibers that are split into strands thinner than silk. They are uniquely woven to create channels that quickly absorb water away from hair without snagging cuticles or causing friction. Not only does Aquitex help hair dry faster, the innovative, trademarked fabric helps minimize the swelling and stretching of hair; protecting its integrity and helping those strands recover from water fatigue.

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