Beach House PR Welcomes Avatara and Karuna To Its Agency Roster

by | Mar 28, 2024

Beach House PR is excited to announce the addition of Avatara and Karuna to their agency roster.  Beach House, an award-winning strategic communications agency, will handle public relations and influencer marketing efforts for both brands.


AvataraThe road to healthy, happy skin should start as early as your pre-teen years, and Avatara is dedicated to guiding individuals toward skin balance and setting it up for future success. Avatara takes an uncomplicated approach to clean skincare with balancing, easy-to-use solutions that adapt to any skin dramas life throws your way, without ever breaking the bank. Avatara eliminates all the harsh chemicals that can stress skin out and load up on the clean, age-appropriate ingredients it needs to thrive. Avatara is available at Target as well.


KarunaKaruna is taking a compassionate approach to bring your skin back to its most youthful, balanced state. Harnessing the power of Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Adaptogenic ingredient technologies, Karuna’s range of skin barrier-boosting formulas address the underlying factors that affect how your skin functions and how well it recovers from daily stressors – both internal and external. By marrying powerful blends of historically proven ingredients from around the world with advanced clinical science, the result is comprehensive skincare solutions designed to revitalize youthful functions, optimize skin health, and ignite a more beautiful complexion.

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