Bespoke Hair Color Company eSalon Partners with COLLINS on Redesign

by | Mar 23, 2018

eSalon, the custom hair color company advancing the at-home beauty experience, partnered with COLLINS, a brand experience design company, to restage its brand and highlight its unique technology. The new brand, which launched this week, better connects eSalon to customers, and fuels future growth as the company broadens its product offering.

eSalon launched its products eight years ago, bridging the gap between convenient and affordable box hair dye and expensive salon service. Blending art and chemistry to create bespoke hair color, the company uses innovative technology to create completely customized hair color for nearly six million customers.

The brand has been transformed to reflect the hyper-personalization of the products. For the new eSalon wordmark, COLLINS referred to expressive 1940s calligraphy to create a more timeless sense of elegance. These influences were chosen as a reaction to the reductive minimalism that has come to define the beauty category. Rather than symbolizing the mechanical and impersonal, the new eSalon wordmark displays the hand of the human artist.

The new packaging design is split in two, back-to-front, to express both the discipline and passion behind the product. One side draws on the precise visual language of engineering to reference eSalon’s meticulous technological expertise, while the other side uses hand-drawn calligraphic gestures to represent the more artful process that goes into creating something so customized.

As part of the rebrand eSalon restructured its product portfolio, for which COLLINS organized each line’s design to create functional distinctions and a vibrant first impression. The new design system provides a platform to better emotionally connect with customers through personalization, with each hair color product including the customer’s name on the packaging, providing a highly personal touch.

COLLINS’ solution underscores how each product is a unique, customized formula, emphasizing the qualities that set eSalon apart from its competitors in the salon vertical.

“eSalon’s products are a magnetic blend of science and art. We are insanely proud to partner with them as they transform their business,” said Brian Collins, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of COLLINS. “There is nothing more personal than choosing how we present ourselves to the world, and eSalon has completely changed how people can now do that with its technology and dedication to artistry. We’re proud to help eSalon build their brand to grow into the future.”

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