Beverly Hills Boss, NRPR Group’s step-by-step system for emerging as the BOSS of your business and destiny, hits major milestones

by | Sep 18, 2020

NRPR Group, a highly-recognized, award-winning and exclusive boutique public relations agency in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, celebrates many milestones for its Beverly Hills Boss brand. The first of many books, a YouTube channel, website, social engagement events, a social community and more. The Beverly Hills Boss social channels have surpassed 17, 252 YouTube video views, 2,154 Instagram followers, 1,000+ Facebook group members, and over 350 books sold in just seven months. These milestones are indicative of the impact Beverly Hills Boss, the book, has had on its followers and readers by helping them to identify their goals and work toward their fruition.

“Over the past few months, the community support for Beverly Hills Boss has grown immensely,” said Nicole Rodrigues, author of Beverly Hills Boss. “One of my favorite quotes from the book, and one I try to live by is ‘Being a Boss means you should have a very strong vision for who you want to be, so when life happens and throws everything off course, you can find your center again.’ My vision is coming true, and I can now start on my new vision for continuing to grow my community, my next book, and NRPR Group, the powerhouse marketing and public relations agency that is my proof that I’ve successfully become the boss of my own destiny.”

With the Beverly Hills Boss social and media channels, Nicole explains how to become the boss of your life, journey, and destiny by sharing her story of how a young girl with a dream and the odds against her made her dreams happen, and how you can too.  Rather than dwelling on the past, the “what ifs,” and “what could have been,” she focuses on the right now and to-dos. Beverly Hills Boss provides tips and other resources to students, young professionals, entrepreneurs who run or want to start a business, PR professionals and others to develop necessary leadership and life skills. The Beverly Hills Boss YouTube channel is home to tips and tricks Nicole has learned as a seasoned PR and marketing professional, and highlights the ups and downs along her journey to CEO. Whether viewers or readers want to start a business, be PR bosses or bosses of their own destinies, the book and other resources are great ways to develop necessary leadership and life skills

With the various media channels supporting thegrowth of theBeverly Hills Boss brand,one can gain a valuable blueprint and the roadmap for success. Based on ancient principles with cutting-edge wisdom, audiences across all channels are discovering everything they need to start and grow a business, make the transition from employee to entrepreneur, and most of all… become the BOSS they were always meant to be.

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