Boolean Girl Retains Child’s Play Communications, Expanding Agency’s Family-Tech Practice

by | Jul 16, 2018

Child’s Play Communications, the public relations agency specializing in promoting kids’ products and consumer technology, announced the addition of Boolean Girl Tech as a client. Boolean Girl is on a mission to address the declining number of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. Since 2014, the organization has engaged young girls with meaningful, hands-on instruction in computer science, coding and engineering through after-school classes and all-girl summer camps.

Child’s Play will be responsible for managing media relations to launch and support Boolean Box, a build-it-yourself computer kit that encourages kids 8+ to code, build, invent and animate. Boolean Box addresses both coding and engineering, so children can develop software and build electronics projects. Boolean Girl will also exhibit at Child’s Play Communications’ 2018 Kids & Family Expo, the only media event exclusively for tech products designed for children and parents.

The agency launched a family-tech practice several years ago, and has represented an array of companies in that space including littleBits, Primo Toys, Sphero, Bowhead Technology, Pai Technology, Urban Hello, and more. In addition to the Kids & Family Tech Expo, Child’s Play recently launched Seriously STEM, a first-of-its-kind awards program.

“STEM toys that address both coding and engineering like ours, marketed specifically toward young girls, are missing from the marketplace,” said Brian Moran, Boolean Girl co-founder. “Research shows STEM careers will continue to grow in the US and worldwide but if women leave the tech field or are discouraged from exploring it in the first place, the industry will suffer.”

He added, “According to the National Association of Women in Technology, women hold just 26 percent of computing roles, down from 36 percent at its peak in 1991. And Ernst and Young reports that only 11 percent of girls have plans to pursue STEM careers in the future.”

“The dearth of women in STEM is an ongoing concern,” said Stephanie Azzarone, president, Child’s Play Communications. “We think it’s great that Boolean Girl is focusing on this issue and introducing a product specifically designed to help address it.”

Boolean Girl Tech is located in Arlington, VA. Child’s Play Communications is based in New York City.

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