Brodeur Partners announces release of second book on Relevance Methodology

by | Feb 1, 2021

Disturbed by the growing uncertainty and turmoil in American life, the vast majority of the country’s citizens are ready to hit a “restart” button on how issues are framed, debated and solved, according to a new book on “relevance” by a leading communications CEO.

The book, Creating Relevance in a Time of Uncertainty, is the second book on relevance by Andrea Coville, CEO of Brodeur Partners. Through new quantitative data, and practical cases from Brodeur’s clients, attitudes and behaviors are taking shape to solve the nation’s pressing, complex problems.

“But in this atmosphere,” said Coville, “it will take steps—not leaps—to put America back on track. It will take time, conversations, compromises and adjustments.”

Coville said despite a sense of national gloom across all demographic groups, there is a call for kindness, honesty and optimism among the American public.

Civil discourse a key

She said two factors are influencing the conversations that could lead to solutions. “First, the exchanges in political discourse are too often uncivil, rude and even boorish,” Coville said. “Second, more than half of the Americans find that reliable, accurate information is elusive.”

“Our data shows that the pandemic is generating significant social and economic strain, exacerbated by uncertainty about who to trust and where to go for reliable information,” Coville noted. “On top of that, especially after the Jan. 6 Capitol mob violence, there is a fear for personal safety and the threats of both right and left extremism.”

Silver linings

The Brodeur CEO outlines some silver linings in the book:

  • Customers and employees long for business leadership to demonstrate a higher purpose, including a commitment to inclusion, ethical practices and stewardship of communities within and outside their enterprises.
  • Some 73% of respondents want to improve their physical health; 68% wish to spend more time with friends and family; 74% believe that “every person’s views should be respected”; and 55% say they have an obligation to speak frankly. 

Data leads the way

The new book is packed with original Brodeur research relating to customer mindsets, clusters of relevance, multicultural tribes, Gen Z perspectives and social media’s influence. It also includes fresh research, conducted days before publishing, on business leaders’ confidence in the Biden presidency.

“Creating Relevance in a Time of Uncertainty” builds on the powerful Relevance Model detailed in Coville’s seminal first book, “Relevance: The Power to Change Minds and Behavior and Stay Ahead of the Competition” and proves the model’s power in practice. Written with longtime New York Times contributor Paul B. Brown, the new book includes seven in-depth case studies of household-named organizations from the business, education and nonprofit world that have created, enhanced and sustained their relevance.

Also included is a freshly updated look at the drivers of relevance—sensory experiences, logic, community impulses and values – and how they’ve changed since 2011.

“Andy cuts to the chase and nails how companies can quickly and efficiently connect with their customers by understanding them better,” said entrepreneur and venture capitalist Jere Doyle. “This is a book I wish I had read before I started my two companies, and it’s one I’ll be sure to have my portfolio CEOs read. A no-brainer.”

Pre-order now

Creating Relevance in a Time of Uncertainty: How to Create a Deep, Lasting, and Mutually Satisfying Relationship with the People Who Keep You in Business,” is available for pre-order by signing up at Brodeur.com and will be available for purchase on Amazon.com this spring.

Brodeur Partners will also be launching an accompanying podcast series, “Creating Relevance in a Time of Uncertainty,” which will dive into the research and case studies featured in the book.

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