Butler Communications in Uruguay joins PROI Worldwide

by | Feb 25, 2021

Chicago: Butler Positioning and Communications, Montevideo, Uruguay, has been elected to partnership in PROI Worldwide, a leading global consortium of entrepreneurial communications agencies with partners in 50 countries.

“We are looking forward to sharing knowledge and experiences with other independent communications agency owners around the world,” said Alejandro Butler, principal of Butler Positioning and Communications. “To expand our team with colleagues from all around the world will be a great benefit for our clients and the growth of our business, even more so in the current uncertain times when reputational and public affairs management is even more important than before.”

Ciro Dias Reis, PROI Worldwide Global Chair and CEO of leading Brazilian firm Imagem Corporativa, stated “Expanding in South America is a priority for PROI this year, and we are happy to add a partner in Uruguay. Alejandro Butler and Virginia Boschetti are well-known and well-respected professionals. They will be a good addition to our mix of communications entrepreneurs around the world.”

Butler says he founded the agency in 2020, after nearly 30 years experience in the Uruguay PR market. Their clients now include a range of businesses and organizations in B-to-B, technology and consumer products.

PROI Worldwide encompasses 80 PR and communications businesses in 165 cities and 50 countries. Reis says, individually, they are proven leaders in their home markets. Collectively, the PROI partners represent nearly USD$ one billion in revenue and more than 7,300 employees. Thousands of clients, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies, trust PROI partners in one or more countries and regions around the world.

About Butler P&C
Butler Positioning and Communications is a PR firm from Uruguay. Its director Alejandro Butler has 30 years of experience as a consultant in communication strategies, press relations, crisis management, internal communication, media training and public affairs. He currently works for companies and organizations such as MercadoLibre, OrdersYa, CHR Group, Chamber of Commerce and Services of Uruguay.

About PROI Worldwide
PROI Worldwide harnesses the collective power of the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurial communications firms. By sharing global insights and best practices, PROI agencies remain best in market trendsetters, supporting the drive to deliver the most impactful communications campaigns for their clients. In 2019, PROI encompassed 80 partners with 7,300 employees in more than 165 cities and 50 countries. With combined revenue of nearly US$ one billion, PROI ranked 4th among consolidated communications groups, and was the only one in the top ten that is based on a unique partnership of independent business people.

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