CaptureProof Selects Warner Communications As Agency of Record

by | Nov 3, 2022

Warner Communications, (a Millwright agency), is now the public relations agency of record for CaptureProof, the leading HIPAA-compliant platform for capturing, comparing, and sharing medical photos and videos securely to enable doctor-to-doctor and doctor-to-patient asynchronous visual communication.

CaptureProof is rethinking physician-patient care by turning the mobile phone into a medical tool that uses photo and video sharing for advanced remote and onsite patient monitoring. What differentiates CaptureProof from existing  doctor-to-doctor and patient-to-patient photo sharing is the patented “Compare Carousel” and advanced AI that automates  the organization of complex visual data. These unique technologies work behind the pictures and videos to enable the capture, organization, and analysis of visual data of key medical-focus areas, including fall risk (timed up and go – dual motor, cognitive), orthopedics (track gait, range of motion, and post-operative care), neurology (track post-stroke, Parkinson’s disease, tremor, and epilepsy), and wound recovery/plastic surgery (track facial trauma, Mohs post op., and aesthetic/wrinkle AI).

Using their smartphone, patients record video or take pictures to capture visual data and document trends in their healing process or gait/walk, for example. These visuals are automatically organized before being securely shared with  their medical care professional. To quantify patient progress, doctors then review the sent images and video, which are full of data-driven information, before, instead of, or alongside a virtual or in office visit, leading to more decisionable data for a proven faster and more accurate diagnosis. This provides doctors with key course-of-action knowledge. Primary care physicians are also able to share the imagery with specialists furthering the precision and efficiency of patient triage, diagnosis and course of treatment decision making.

“At CaptureProof we are reimagining medical care by combining the power of imagery, technology, and data to improve the patient experience and optimize doctor’s most limited resource — the amount of time a provider can give care,” said Meghan Conroy, CEO and Founder of CaptureProof. “Given the highly beneficial nature of our technology, for both doctors and patients, we knew it was critical to engage a public relations agency with best-in-class technical aptitude and the journalistic experience to tell our unique story.”

CaptureProof is engaging the Warner PR team to elevate its brand awareness, bring understanding to its technical solutions, and advance knowledge of its critical impact on patient care.

“CaptureProof has the DNA of a Warner client, a woman-led company with a disruptive, groundbreaking technology impacting both industry and individuals in a meaningful and life-changing way,” said Erin Vadala, president of Warner Communications Group. “Once we realized the technology’s capabilities and the impact on both doctors and patients, we saw limitless potential to leverage our expertise and relationships in the technology, business, and medical media sectors to tell the world this important story.”

About CaptureProof
CaptureProof is the leading HIPAA-compliant platform for capturing, comparing and sharing medical photos and videos securely and asynchronously to enable asynchronous doctor-to-doctor and doctor-to-patient visual communication. Included in the platform is the company’s Smart Medical Camera™ which uses computer vision within the live camera image to give instant feedback on photo and video clip quality, and Media Rx™, a feature that shows text instructions in the camera with an overlay tool that enables patients to use perfect framing of an injury, wound or other site. The mobile app can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play. Learn more at captureproof.com.

About Warner Communications
Warner Communications Group, (a Millwright agency), is an award-winning integrated marketing communications agency based in Boston with offices in Dallas, San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC, Houston, Miami, Louisville, Nevada, and West Palm Beach. The agency holds expertise across a broad range of industries, including: supply chain, logistics, advanced manufacturing, Industry 4.0, B2B, technology, professional services, and consumer engagement. Driven to expand visibility, establish credibility, and build trust in brands while creating programs that move customers to action and achieve measurable results for clients, Warner is known for its commitment to delivering unmatched creativity, program results and client service. warnerpr.com | Twitter: @WarnerPR | LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/warner-communications.

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