Cashman & Associates launches new division, Snack PR

by | Jun 26, 2020

Cashman & Associates (C&A), a full-service lifestyle marketing and communications agency headquartered in Philadelphia, announces today the launch of a brand-new division – Snack PR Powered by C&A. Offering a bite-sized version of the award-winning public relations, social media, crisis management and influencer marketing solutions associated with C&A, Snack PR is built as an extension of the legacy brand – offering lifestyle businesses of all sizes short-term, project-based media campaigns guaranteed to deliver results within 90 days or less.

“As Cashman & Associates approaches its 20th anniversary, I’ve been reflecting on my past two decades in business and reimagining new ways I can expand the C&A brand. The lifestyle industry we’ve come to know and love is evolving, and so are our service offerings,” begins Nicole A. Cashman, Founder & CEO of Cashman & Associates. “Today, more than ever, we’ve observed an increased need from brands seeking short-term, cost-effective marketing campaigns that deliver immediate results and drive real-time consumer engagement.”

At Snack PR, the process is simple. Traditional communications strategies and timelines are replaced in favor of a custom “Snack Pack” strategy method that outlines highly tactical media support on an expedited timeline. Each Snack Pack is tailored to fuel the brand’s individual marketing needs – from post-pandemic recovery strategies, business opening or product launch announcements, seasonal promotions and/or limited-time-offering rollouts, brand refresh campaigns, and more.

Amidst today’s global health crisis, the community at large has been left reeling from market uncertainty – with small lifestyle businesses hit the hardest. Snack PR knows firsthand how difficult it can be to adjust to today’s “new normal” and is here help brands navigate the hardships that our current environment has created for thousands of businesses.

“When I brought the idea of Snack PR to my team nine months ago, I never could have anticipated that we would be launching during a global pandemic, but we are proud to debut at a time when lifestyle businesses need support the most,” continues Cashman. “I’ve empowered my team of creative storytellers, disruptive thinkers, and industry vets to utilize Snack PR as a tool to help lifestyle businesses rethink not only their recovery strategy during this unprecedented time, but also their post-pandemic future.”

Slow cooking since fall of 2019, Snack PR is the perfect complement to Cashman & Associates’ demonstrated, long-term retainer-based services which has built the agency’s nationwide reputation as a premier lifestyle marketing and communications agency. Snack PR welcomes snacks-of-all trades from the most reputable well-known brands, to start-ups and small businesses alike in the hospitality, food & beverage, travel & tourism, wellness & retail, entertainment industries and beyond.

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