Catapult PR and CorSource Develop and Launch ‘Staffing Lifecycle Management’

by | Apr 20, 2018

Catapult PR-IR, a Strategic Narrative communications agency, announced it helped CorSource develop and launch, “Staffing Lifecycle Management (SLM),” a new process framework that facilitates a holistic approach to technology staffing. The SLM framework works to help organizations better manage human resources and align business value with the emergence of the Talent Economy. Catapult facilitated the discovery process by guiding CorSource through its Strategic Narrative Marketing approach.

“The staffing industry constantly faces new challenges as we work to manage shifting employee dynamics and a rapidly changing workforce,” said Andrew Hermann, President at CorSource. “The Strategic Narrative Marketing process helped us develop Staffing Lifecycle Management as a concrete framework that propels our industry into the next era of technology staffing. Catapult brings a new approach to messaging that focuses on industry leadership, not what we do as a company.”

The SLM framework advances the staffing industry by offering a strategic approach for adapting to disruptive industry trends, perceptions and misperceptions. CorSource outlined its open and freely-available framework in “The Staffing Lifecycle Management Process Guide,” a step-by-step guidebook for streamlining operations, improving decision-making, promoting collaboration, and delivering value to both organizations and the talent that makes them successful. Download a free copy of the guide here: http://www.corsource.com/staffing-lifecycle-management/.

“The Staffing Lifecycle Management framework is a great example of how Strategic Narrative Marketing enables the creation of new categories or frameworks that offer value to the industry as a whole,” explained Guy Murrel, principal and co-founder of Catapult. “The Talent Economy is highly disruptive the SLM framework provides concrete steps to address industry trends and challenges. With SLM, CorSource now offers an industry framework based on company experience and vision.”

Catapult’s Strategic Narrative Messaging Workshop, offered as a full-day discovery session, was the catalyst in the development of SLM. Then, following the step-by-step Strategic Narrative Marketing approach, Catapult developed and launched the industry-level narrative that is the underpinning of SLM.

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