Chapter 2 Agency adds TOMBOGO to client roster

by | Jul 20, 2020

Chapter 2 announced representation of designer TOMBOGO in a new agency partnership. TOMBOGO is an experiential outlet for Designer Tommy Bogo to create out-of-the box products with the intention of spurring dialogue about function, form, and impact in today’s climate of fashion.

Constantly evolving, TOMBOGO reflects the lifestyle of the young creative, as well as current events in the world. The brand has become Bogo’s way of learning and growing through experiences during the process of design, then sharing his findings with the world in a tangible form of clothing and products.

Founded in 2013, TOMBOGO arose from Oakland, California. Bogo, ever the creative, started selling his screen-printed t-shirts out of his high school locker. His passion for design continued to grow after a trip to Japan. There he saw people valuing the creations they were making. Approaching their work with functionality, sustainability, and top-notch quality. Witnessing this had an impression on Bogo and inspired the brand to change its tone.

Bogo’s curiosity and exploration did not stop there, he eventually set his sights on New York. Immediately after moving there in 2019, he held a packed out presentation during New York Fashion Week. That moment was a formative point and served as a springboard for the brand. Now back on the West Coast, he’s recently moved his studio to Los Angeles, California.

TOMBOGO’s products have expanded into intricate and technical apparel with a range of t-shirts, hoodies, trousers, hats, sunglasses, and bags.

His signature LED Scouter Glasses are the ultimate conversation starter. Bending both practicality and design, the sunglasses have LED lights on each end of the lens to light up any dimly lit situations you may find yourself in. The sunglasses garnered the attention of latin superstars Bad Bunny and J Balvin. In fact, J Balvin was so intrigued he personally reached out to Bogo via Instagram DM. He then invited Bogo to his NYC loft so they could meet in person and purchase the sunglasses himself.

As a follow up, TOMBOGO launched the innovative Bubble Wrap Puffer Jacket. Bogo, both frustrated and inspired by the wasteful packing materials from non-stop deliveries from FedEx, UPS, and Amazon. With this front of mind, he set out to create a garment that could reuse these otherwise wasted materials.

Not one to let his creativity stop, TOMBOGO released two special charity drops in support of the Oakland based artists during the pandemic and in reflection of the BLM movement raising over $25,000. Recently from just one t-shirt design bearing a rendition of Oakland’s famed “eRacism” mural, the designer made a formal donation of $10,000 to 6 charities.

The gravity of these projects serve as a symbol of the powerful community behind this talent who has only begun to express himself. TOMBOGO has gained a myriad of A-list fans including Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Kehlani, Khalid, MADEINTYO, and Angus Cloud.

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