Clarity announces global partner network: Clarity Connections

by | Mar 25, 2021

Clarity, a global integrated communications agency recently commended by PRWeek as both Best International Agency, and winner of Specialist Consultancy of the Year, announced the launch of its global partner agency network, Clarity Connections.

The network, which currently comprises 30 independent agencies worldwide, was soft-launched in Q4 of 2020 and has already commenced several joint campaigns globally. With the launch of the network, Clarity, which has offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Benelux, expands its global reach with partners on the ground across all of continental Europe, APAC, the Middle East and Latin America, as well as offering clients in-network services such as video production, direct marketing and research capabilities. Clients are able to tap the network’s services through either an always-on model with a hub and spoke approach or on an as-needed basis.

“Clarity’s vision has always been to build a new kind of agency, one perfectly suited for the world businesses operate in today,” said Alex MacLaverty, Global COO of Clarity. “Companies are increasingly looking for an agency that can combine global reach and thinking with the adaptability and agility of a nimble, on the ground team. With Clarity Connections, we are able to provide this to clients, providing best in class services and localized expertise worldwide.”

“Clarity and Akima have been cooperating successfully for quite a while. With Clarity’s new global partner network Clarity Connections we can now offer a very strong, agile and digital alternative to cumbersome network agencies. As through this network, we combine the best of both worlds – the global footprint of networks with the agility, innovation and deep market insights of highly specialized local agencies”, adds Volker Schmidt, CEO of Akima Media, based in Munich, Germany.

“We share a common passion with Clarity for PR. I have been impressed how bold, ambitious and fearless Clarity is from the day I met their team for the first time and it has never changed. We work with Clarity on several clients and we feel we are one team regardless of the company’s name,” said Nazim Damardji, Founder and Managing Director of Fabriq, based in France.

“Clarity and StrategicAmpersand, along with the rest of the Clarity Connections network, share a commitment to creating and executing communications programs that deliver impactful business results for clients. As such, we are delighted to be invited to be part of this agency network where we can support technology clients in executing campaigns that are tailored to the unique characteristics of the Canadian market, as well as helping our Canadian-based clients achieve success in other regions across the globe,” said Gayle Robin, President and Founding Partner of Toronto-based StrategicAmpersand.

“With a shared creative and independent spirit between Tate Anzur and Clarity, we are excited to take our existing partnership to the next level by being part of Clarity Connections. The changing communications landscape has accelerated the need to think global and understand local. We are confident that our participation in the network, alongside other like-minded independents, will enable our clients to be well-supported in their business expansion while empowering our consultants to co-develop the best industry practices and impactful work in Singapore and beyond” said Yvonne Li, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tate Anzur, based in Singapore.

“As an agency that specialises in supporting international companies operating in Latin America, many of our clients have global footprints and requirements, so it’s been fantastic to connect with so many like minded agencies to better serve their needs and share best practices” said Alasdair Townsend, Managing Partner of Sherlock Communications, which has offices throughout Latin America.

“We have always been firm believers in a ‘global strategy, local execution’ approach to communications for technology and services companies. We’re pleased to be part of Clarity Connections and provide our two decades of experience with innovation leaders in Germany to a network of like-minded agencies worldwide,” said Tapio Liller, Founder and Managing Partner of Oseon, based in Frankfurt and Hamburg, Germany.

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