Clarity announces partnership with shipment tracking platform Malomo to expand the customer journey

by | Apr 16, 2021

Integrated communications agency, Clarity, announced a pro bono partnership with Malomo, an Indiana-based shipment tracking platform created to help e-commerce merchants build stronger customer relationships through the post-purchase experience. Clarity will advance Malomo’s brand through strategic media communications efforts that amplify its unique approach to “shipment marketing” and its ability to build next-generation customer experiences in the rise of e-commerce.

As a minority-founded tech startup, Malomo has partnered with Clarity through the Diversity Marketing Consortium. The DMC is a group of agencies and consultants,  founded in 2020 to provide $3MM pro bono marketing and legal services to female and minority-led startups. As part of an initiative to offset gender and racial-based inequality for underrepresented founders.

“We’ve all had packages delivered during lockdown and Malomo is utilizing its tracking platform to create meaningful engagements to consumers everywhere,” shared Monica Feig, Managing Director of Clarity Los Angeles. “We are thrilled to work with a pro bono partner that has the vision and the ability to innovate, particularly in the turn of COVID-19, as online activity soared and e-commerce became increasingly essential.”

Malomo was founded in 2018 with the purpose of empowering online merchants with the tools necessary to extend the customer journey from the ‘buy’ button through to the moment their package arrives. The company is firm that in the rise of e-commerce and today’s digitally transactional world, the brands that succeed are the ones that build real, authentic connections with the people that support them—and shipment tracking and marketing is the key to standing out.

Yaw Aning, CEO, and co-founder of Malomo says, “E-commerce is undoubtedly having a moment. Millions of packages are experiencing delivery delays or failures and consumers are blaming these problems unfairly on the merchants they shop with. Retailers feel helpless because they rely on carriers and don’t know that tools exist to help protect them from these problems. Clarity has been a pivotal partner to help us educate the market that solutions exist. They’ve helped us clarify our story in a way that resonates extremely well with our audience.”

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