CONRIC PR & Marketing is Now a Telecommuting Company

by | Mar 2, 2020

In its 13th year of operation, CONRIC PR & Marketing founder and CEO Connie Ramos-Williams announced that the company will complete its transition to become a remote agency on March 1, 2020 and move its main headquarters off Summerlin Road in south Fort Myers. It will also add a Naples address to accommodate its growing list of clients in Collier County.

“Our agency feels it’s time to start thinking more like a national company rather than a small boutique agency,” says Ramos-Williams. Our goal is to work smarter, not harder as we look to the future.”

CONRIC PR & Marketing feels fortunate to have experienced a steady 25-35% growth rate over the years. This steady growth has resulted in CONRIC moving its Fort Myers headquarters four times in the past 12 years to accommodate its larger workforce. The CONRIC team has grown from eight to 16 dedicated digital marketing, public relations, advertising, branding, media and web specialists in just the past two years.

The CONRIC PR & Marketing team

The CONRIC PR & Marketing team

After researching global market trends in the industry and discussing the idea of telecommuting with her CONRIC team, Ramos-Williams says the decision was easy. Studies show that telecommuting provides employees with greater benefits while also improving morale, quality of work, efficiency and productivity, which is a huge benefit for CONRIC’s clients as well.

“The transition to a telecommuting company puts our agency in a better position to hire top talent locally and nationally that fit our team culture,” says Ramos-Williams. “Our focus is on quality, integrity and innovation that provide measurable results that meet and exceed client expectations.”

CONRIC PR & Marketing, a leader in strategic branding, public relations, marketing, advertising and website development, also plans to invest in the continued expansion of its digital marketing footprint. The digital marketing team at CONRIC PR & Marketing develops and implements award-winning campaigns that increase revenue, audience reach and engagement for its clients. Comprehensive campaigns include strategy, management and analytics of all online social media platforms, review sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, digital newsletters, blogs, and websites.

“As the world continues to search for everything on the web and spends the greater part of its day online, it’s vital that our clients’ online brand and reputation stay top of mind,” says Ramos-Williams.

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