CONRIC PR & Marketing Named Florida Companies to Watch Finalist

by | Jun 6, 2019

CONRIC PR & Marketing is doing more for clients than ever before, and that’s caught the eye of a major statewide economic development group. GrowFL has selected CONRIC as a finalist for its 2019 Florida Companies to Watch list.

“To be recognized as a finalist in Florida’s Companies to Watch is quite an honor for us,” said Connie Ramos-Williams, CONRIC president and chief marketing officer. “Our team’s hard work, determination and commitment to excellence has been key in our 35% growth year over year.”

Ramos-Williams founded CONRIC in 2007, helping clients through the Great Recession and empowering them to thrive in the years since. CONRIC works with a litany of local and national organizations to create and amplify their branding and messaging amid constant evolution in the consumer environment.

GrowFL is a nonprofit management consulting organization that the state Legislature created in 2009 to spur economic expansion. The Florida Companies to Watch program, now in its ninth year, evaluates businesses for past growth and projected success as well as their strengths and impact on their markets, communities and the state of Florida.

Finalists advance to a second round of evaluation. The 50 businesses that make the Florida Companies to Watch list will be announced in July.

“We applaud these first-round finalists who have shown how they stand out in their regions as innovative business leaders, going to the next level to grow their companies,” said Dr. Tom O’Neal, GrowFL executive director. “They are true rock stars.”


CONRIC staff (l to r): Justin Ungar, April Bordeaux, Chuck Myron, Landen Drake, Joshua Savage, Connie Ramos-Williams, Rick Williams, Jaimie Miller, Katherine Viloria, Josh Milton, Linda Fiore and Javier Fuller.

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